Please fill out an appliction to be placed on the waiting list. 2021 memberships begin in February/March 2021, you will be contacted in order that your application was received.   Membership costs are $500 for active and $300 for seniors for a full year.

Silverdale does invite non-members to book a range visit, if you do not know a member but would like to use the ranges.  You will be welcome to bring restricted, but please note then the person who is your sponsor/supervisor will need to be within reach of you, as you are not a member and have not completed our club level handgun course.


We will be booking these shoots, Monday, Friday, Saturday, and Sundays between 10 am, 11:30 am, 1:00 pm, 2:30 pm. When booking you must tell us the firearm(s) you will be bringing so we book the proper range(s) for you. You can also book through email, For use of the range for 1 1/2 hour with your firearms on any of our ranges, the cost is $40.


During hunting season September 7 to October 31, we have a 50-yard range open at $20 an hour for sighting in your rifle. You must call to book range time.  If you would like the range officer to sight in your firearm for you, there would be an additional charge of $10.00 payable to the range officer.


Our trap ranges will be open to everyone, an appointment is necessary, for 1-hour use cost is $10.00 + $5 a round (25 clays).  You can book your trap shooting at fill in your complete name and email address, for the membership number use (NM).  You will receive a confirmation.  Also, you are welcome to bring one person licensed or unlicensed with you.

If you wish me to book for you, please email me at or phone 905-957-7362.


    Our membership runs April 1 to March 31st for a cost of $500.00 for active members and $300.00 for seniors.  Family members are considered spouse or significant other and children under the age of 19 and can be added for $50.00, they do not receive a proximity card for access to the front gate. All new members are required to take our range orientation.

  • GUESTS with Firearm License

    Members who wish to bring in a guest with them must pay $20.00 for a day pass.  Membership cards are non transferrable to nonmembers.  During after hours when the office is closed the range officer on duty will collect the guest fees.  Please maintain the one to one ratio for licensed and unlicensed guests.  Nonmembers are not welcome to bring restricted firearms.

  • GUEST/FAMILY with NO Firearm License

    Our range maintains one person with a firearms license to one person without a firearms license. You may bring one guest or family member without a firearm license when you visit the range. We encourage you to maintain an even licensed to unlicensed guest/family ratio.  Unlicensed guests should not be given a fully loaded magazine, they should be shown to load one bullet at a time. Unlicensed guests are not permitted to rapid fire or double tap under any circumstances. At all times the PAL holder must be within arms reach of the unlicensed guest, this means that the member or licensed PAL holder may not shoot, step to the next bench, load magazines or be distracted in any manner while the unlicensed person is shooting. In addition to your total attention on your unlicensed guest/family you will NOT pass a loaded firearm at anytime. It is your responsible for your guest to know range safety and understanding the range rules.


    At all times use your access card to open the gate and or sign in. Everyone must sign in each and every time you come to the range, whether the gate is open or closed.  


    Read the rules, apply them at every visit to the range.  Your safety and the safety of all members is important to the shooting community.