Club-Level Handgun Safety Course



This course is conducted in person and is 2 hours in length, led by a CSSA certified instructor. It includes a concise written test to assess students’ understanding. Furthermore, the course includes a practical component that involves hands-on. Additionally, participants will engage in 4 probationary shoots on the live fire range, under the supervision of a Range Safety Officer.

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This course, which has a duration of 2 hours, covers important topics related to handgun ownership, such as paperwork and legal aspects. It also provides instruction on ACTS & PROVE procedures, safe shooting techniques on a live fire range, as well as guidance on misfire and ceasefire protocols and handling malfunctions. Additionally, participants will learn the fundamental principles of shooting.

It is essential to highlight that this course has been meticulously designed to prioritize the safety of all individuals present on the range, including both members and staff. However, it is important to note that this course is specifically tailored for club-level participation and may not be officially recognized at other ranges.

Please be aware that only one probationary shoot can be completed per day, and a total of 4 shoots are required to fulfill the course requirements. Students have the option to bring their own firearm, and for those who do not own firearms, a 9mm semi-automatic pistol will be provided.

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Sat Aug 17, 2024, Sat Jun 15, 2024, Sat Sept 21, 2024, Sat. May 25, 2024, Sun Jul 21, 2024


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