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Call for more information: 1-905-957-7362

Welcome to Silverdale-We are a member's only range

We offer a variety of shooting ranges for member's use. These include; 4 competition ranges, 10 yd action range, 2 - 50 handgun ranges, 200 yard range, 100 meter range, training range, archery and 2 trap ranges. Our ranges are open for our members use 7 days a week, 8 am to 8 pm (or sunset). Members are welcome to bring guests Monday to Friday 10 to 5 and Saturday and Sundays 9 to 5. Trap is open during office hours. We are a members only range, non members cannot use the range without being with a member.
On site we also have a store, LANZ Shooting Supplies, where you will be able to purchase firearms, restricted and non restricted, ammunition, reloading materials, hunting needs and all other shooting items check it out at

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Office Hours: (And Trap Hours): Monday to Friday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm - Saturday/Sunday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Shooting Packages

Package A – Basic Package


20 shots 22 handgun or rifle

10 shots 9 mm handgun

10 shots SKS rifle

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PACKAGE B – Handgun Package

  • 10 shots 22 calibre handgun
  • 10 shots 9 mm handgun
  • 10 shots 45 calibre
  • 6 shots 357 revolver
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Package C – Mini Package

  • 10 shots 9 mm handgun
  • 20 shots 22 rifle
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PACKAGE E – Special



  • 10 rounds 9 mm handgun
  • 10 rounds 45 mm handgun
  • 10 rounds SKS rifle
  • 10 round T97 tactical rifle


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Package D – Trap Package


50 shots of 12g ammunition

50 clay targets

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NM Range Use


This is a nonmember fee for range use under the supervision of a range officer.  Appointments must be made through the office Monday, Friday, Saturday, or Sundays at 10 am, 11:30 am, 1 pm, or 2:30 pm. Call or email with questions.

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Ready to book a course?

Call our office Monday to Friday 10 am to 5 pm 905-957-7362. Full payment is required to complete all reserved space, we accept Visa or MasterCard over the phone or you are welcome to send an EMT (email money transfer) to our email, NOTE: We email reminders of the course you are registered for 10 to 30 days prior to the course. 48 hours notice is required to cancel out of any course, fee for short notice cancelations will result in a $50.00 charge per course.

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Silverdale Gun Club Range Rules and Regulations

  • Ear and eye protection is mandatory

  • Never pass a loaded firearm

  • No handling firearms/ammunition on a green flag

  • PAL holders must be within arms reach of unlicensed persons

  • 1 to 1 ratio of licensed to unlicensed at all times

  • You are responsible to read and understand ALL rules

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