Shooting Packages

  • Non Members with NO firearms license welcome to purchase shooting packages.

    When your ready to reserve an appointment at the range you can do one of the following…

    BOOKING DAYS:                  Monday, Friday, Saturday and Sundays only

    BOOKING TIMES:               10:00 am  /  11:30 pm   /  1:00 pm  /  2:30 pm

    APPOINTMENTS:               For first choice book 7 to 10 days prior

    HOW TO BOOK:                 Call the office Monday to Friday 10 to 5 at 905-957-7362 or email


    It is our philosophy that we will not grow the sport without showing the novice just how much fun and rewarding target shooting really is. Many people have no desire to own a firearm, but have always wondered what it would be like to shoot one. Now you can have the chance.


    Attire is mostly up to the individual; whatever is comfortable. However occasionally, a hot casing lands somewhere you don’t want it, so for your own safety and ours:  Women are encouraged to bring a light jacket or something to cover their cleavage while shooting;  A ball-cap is recommended for everyone, to keep hot casings out of your face; and full shoes such as running shoes are suggested. NO OPEN TOED SHOES!


    Prior to coming to your appointment please read our waiver attached below.  You do not need to print it, just read it and we have the waiver in the office to sign.


    Once you have chosen your package, picked a date and alternative date plus the time, call our office at 289-925-7747 (leave a message if there is no answer our phone lines are very busy but we return all messages).   You can purchase online from our website or book your appointment and pay cash on the day of your event.  

    Appointment / Reservation Cancellation Policy

    Our instructors are booked and will be at the range waiting for you to arrive, we ask that you arrive on time as each appointment is given a 90-minute time frame.  If you need to cancel we would appreciate a minimum of 5 days’ notice.  Those who cancel after 5 days will be expected to pay the instructor fee of $20.00 per person.  No show to your appointment will be a forfeit deposit or cancellation of online order.


    BOOKING DAYS:                 Monday, Friday, Saturday and Sundays only

    BOOKING TIMES:               10:00 am  /  11:30 pm   /  1:00 pm  /  2:30 pm